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JoyFeed: Journey to Success with HPE at AngelHack SF


This post is also published on HPE Haven OnDemand’s official blog here.

The sky was dark and gloomy when we left Sunnyvale for San Francisco; halfway through our journey on US-101, the rain started pouring down. We were on our way to AngelHack’s 9th Global Hackathon – an event we were so hyped about – but the rain was dampening our mood. We parked a block away, and by the time we walked to Weebly’s state-of-the-art headquarters where the event was held, we were soaking wet and deeply needed some positivity.

I would imagine that, if I were not with a friend but alone by myself, I would sit in a corner, pull out my phone and launch Twitter.

But what if the first post I see is a totally depressing news? I just wanted to make myself feel better. Give me a break.

Well, that is exactly why we built JoyFeed.

JoyFeed is a browser extension that analyzes users’ facial expression and...

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TreeHacks was a blast. It was definitely one of the best (if not the best) hackathon I’ve ever attended. Everything was well-organized and there were plenty of fun involved. The venue – spanning over 3 floors at Stanford University’s Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center – was comfortable and spacious, and the food were delicious. With hundreds of participants from over half a dozen countries, TreeHacks was a relatively big hackathon, but the team behind it, along with Major League Hacking, did a fantastic job in maintaining diversity and inclusivity. Best of all, my hack, Clow, was awarded the “Best Big Data Hack”, and we got to bring back a 23andme kit sponsored by Oscar Health.


Introducing Clow

To give you a bit of heads up, Clow is a clinic-facing app that uses emotion analysis and machine learning to predict patients’ illnesses. To the patient, Clow acts as an electronic clinic...

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It’s been more than two years since my last (and also first) post here on my blog. Plenty of things have changed tremendously over the past two years: I’m now based in Silicon Valley, pursuing a computer science degree at one of the most prestigious community college in California; meanwhile, my technical skills have overtaken my entrepreneurial mindset due to my constant exposure to the latest and greatest technologies and frameworks; I took on the role of a (senior) English tutor in my college, where I bring my editorial and writing skills gained from my past websites to help students and new tutors; and I’ve met a bunch of cool and interesting people, whom I get to learn new knowledge from everyday. It doesn’t seem a lot, but these few points are sufficient enough to change my life from top to bottom in two years’ time.

A year ago, I was the front-end web developer who only knows...

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From Wordpress To Svbtle

I have been a huge fan of Dustin Curtis’s Svbtle since the first time I saw it in action. Being a fan of minimalism myself, this publishing platform absolutely caught my eye, and I subsequently applied to be part of the network. However, being an invite-only network, I never got accepted, until I saw it opening for public registration.

Of course, I signed up immediately. However it seems that I am not able to migrate my Wordpress posts from my old blog to this. I have no choice but to leave them on my old blog and probably migrate one or two of them here.

Anyway, this looks really promising, and I am really glad to be part of it now. Hope you will enjoy my posts in the future.

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